Saturday, July 14, 2012

Skipped Vegas. Apparently Have Zero Interest in Playing Poker These Days.

I had my bags packed ready to go to Vegas last Friday to catch some main event atmosphere. I was gonna try one satellite to get in. But on my way I had friends wanting to go and telling me we could stay here n there for free and bla bla bla. So I wait. Then I agree to wait till the next morning. Then they bail. Then I play in a friendly home game and get reminded why I havent played poker in a month. I have been sitting at a coffee shop making other plans for how to not work in a cubicle and still make bank. But I do want to play some tournaments. So anyway I didnt go. And I wanted to buy a piece of the Monkey a while back. Lucky for him I guess. Im a cooler. I guess my next thing will be the AZ state tournament in August. So anyway I am rooting for the Poker Monkey. His blog is in my list and on gcp and its the one of the most entertaining poker blogs out there.