Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Smart Move and PLO

Heard I missed the dream game last night. All the maniacs at the table. I was so looking forward to playing too. I didnt. I made a very wise decision. See I got in a spat with my girl and I also had to read my son the riot act. It seems like Mondays are tough to make it through without some disturbing event to put me on life tilt. I cant even count how many times Ive made it to the Monday game totally upset about something and really loving the fact that poker takes my mind of whatever it is. The problem is that I play too many hands on those nights. I cant just sit n fold and stew in my life tilt. So typically I go broke and think about how I had a feeling I should sit it out. So Im sure I wouldve dumped $500 last night and Im glad I skipped it.

I did play tonight. I show up to the game and they are playing pot liimit omaha. I typically dont play omaha and wouldve declined come had I known. Of course I dont just leave. I buy in short for $100. I get lucky and quickly get up $170. I would basically fluctuate between being up $50 to $200 all night. We did play half n half and strangely I did way better at omaha. I flopped top set against a made straight and got all in and rivered quads. I flopped a straight flush once and got paid by a river boat. I flopped a boat in a raised pot. I was in the small blind so I was out of position. I smooth called the flop and bet out on the turn when the flush hit. The original raiser would make a crying fold. I dont really know how I could play it better. I cant check cause the flush will have him check behind and if he was betting the flush draw then he will be raising. I hope that he can at least call hoping Im just representing. I had just got caught bluffing the hand before. I tried to look just like I did the hand before but to no avail. Oh well. When it was all said n done I won $200. I didnt play terrible but I did make a few rookie calls and was no where near aggressive enough. I enjoyed the game. Most of the play is post flop and I think thats pretty fun and sick. Im sure it was the all time tiddily winks game of omaha donkeys ever but how are we supposed to learn anyway.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Choppy Chop Chop at Nawlins Nightly

Sofa King chops. Especially if I was wanting to chop earlier when I was in a worse position. I played the nightly Saturday in the New Orleans Bayou Classic. When got to 15 from 120 the average stack was 10 big blinds and we could chop for 5th place moolah. I was all for it. But there were a few hold outs who had 30 Big Blinds. Ive never been at such an evenly spread chip distribution with 15 to go. I had about 40k and blinds were 2k/4k with a 400 ante. So we played on. I have AK in BB and the kid who was raising and stealing a lot raised it to 10k which compared to my blind is a small raise. I decide to just call and hope to hit and check raise him. I do hit and Ace and he does bet and I check raise and he moves in. I gladly call expecting to see AQ but he only had A2. So now I got like 85k. And thats around the time we draw for the final table, sit and get a good look at stacks and blinds and decide for an even chop. A coupla short stacks but not worth nit picking. So sweet thats my 5th nightly in a row to make the money going back to last Bayou classic and including the IP last month. I sure wish I could cash in an actual circuit event soon.