Monday, November 22, 2010

Got Bob'd

Bout to go play poker. Last Monday night was the fucking worst shit. I got Bob'd like 5 times. First Bob knocks me out the tournament. Then he felts me twice and Justin once with 8 high all three times. This was all in the first 45 minutes of the cash game. He just kept calling raises with 8 high and flopping trips or 2 pair. He made Quad 7's the first damn tikme against my AA. I had just lost a pot with two pair of 9s n 8s to the straight (dude had 7,5) so i decide to call a small raise with 7,5. If you cant beat em, join em right? Well I flop bottom 2 pair. Im pretty tilted after running into like 3 coolers so I reraise Bob all-in. Well Bob had top 2. I left. I have never lost $550 in a 1/2 game that fast in my life.

I played for 20 min at Harrahs Sat night. I was there with a group goin out for a buddies bday. We were all just hanging out at the bar in the poker room so i sat at this open seat about 8 feet from my friends. I put $100 on the table and told my girl I was gonna play for 20 minutes. I flopped open ended in my first coupla hands. I bet the flop and the turn and still had 2 riders. Luckily I made the nutz on the river and got my all-in called by a guy who was riding with second pair and my straight card gave hime two pair. No respect. I guess i wouldnt have given much respect to the dude who only sat down cause he was at the bar 10 feet away with his friends. My last hand was a doozy. I was small blind with pockets 10s. I know its my last hand so Im not gonna get crazy. I was happy that my double up covered my slot losses so far. Well a few limp and the button raises. Im probably ahead most times but i decided to just set mine. The flop is all 5s. It checks all the way. I probably wouldve folded to a big bet but once he checked and then a 6 hits Im betting. I get my chips to put em out but the dealer skipped me and had the table check around. She claimed that since she called for the action that my bet wouldnt play. I argued and my friend who sat argued too but she didnt see it. She seemed to be claiming that I had hid my cards and was only betting cause I saw the check around. I had her call the floor. She sure seemed like she wanted me to be wrong which I dont get cause I tipped her a red chip on my only pot. Then the next dealer came up and he took her side. Then the floor came up and she whispered to him and then took her side. Then I explained to him exactly what happened and he quickly took my side. Funny thing is the button ends up calling anyway. Now Im a little scared he has a big pair but Im not folding. I shoulda checked the river to him so he could bet if he didnt have it cause if he calls my bet which put his last $50 in then I probably beat. Oh well. He folds and I rack up. I never even had to pay a time rake. I made $190 and was happy to have paid for the outting. Ive never had to call the floor that I can recall but frokm what Ive seen the dealers are usually right. Im glad to be 1 for 1.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Les Miles is a Grass Eatin Lunatic who has Fantastically Shut Me Up Again!

I sat down today to watch the LSU/Bama game by myself at my house. I was hopeful but fully prepared to see a struggling LSU offense lose. I knew our defense would keep it from being a blow out but knew that if we couldnt move the ball we had no chance. I put a steak on the grill and watched the first half which followed the pattern I had feared. I did see a spark in Jefferson before the end of the half and I told my buddy that I thought Les just wanted to let Jefferson fire some passes and was not thinking score since he wasnt calling timeouts as LSU was moving the ball at the end of the half. So we go into the locker room down 7 to 3. Not only was LSU down but Kansas and Penn State had both made huge comebacks to wreck my weekly College Pickem board. I had actually picked LSU but it was a fan pick. My brain told me the smart money was on Bama. And then came the second half. First let me say the MVP of this game was Drake Nevis. What a beast of a game and the sack that caused the fumble was so huge. Also let me give the runner up MVP to the FG kicker Jasper. But perhaps one of the top 5 moments in Tiger (aka Jacob Hester) Stadium was the play on 4th and 1. LSU was behind by one with like 8 minutes to go and Jasper could have kicked a 43 yd fg to put us up by 2. How you dont kick the FG there is beyond me. How you can muster up enough confidence in your offense to go for it there is also beyond me. Sure Jefferson had finally broke his no TD passes streak since the first game of the season but really? And how this team is 7-1 without their starting QB throwing a touchdown pass in 7 games is insane. Anyway, crazy ass grass eatin Les Miles (yeah he bends down and picks some grass and eats it when the pressure gets high) goes for the first down and calls for a short yardage package hand off to the running back with a flip reverse to the WR which goes for 40 yards and almost a TD. This was such an amazing call in the greatest regular season game in Jacob Hester Stadium since the Florida game in 2007 when we went for it on 4th down like 5 times and got it every time. After Ridley punches in the TD we go for 2 and Jefferson fires a bullet in to convert. Then Nevis causes the fumble and we get a clutch FG out of Jasper to go up by 10 with like 5 minutes to go. Then Bama drives and scores a TD which is why Les went for it on 4th because this Bama team is not just good but great.The ESPN guy said Bama was exposed as a one dimensional team after the game but I didnt see that at all. I saw a great running game and a shit ton of caught passes by Julio Jones. Now LSU has to get a first down or 2 to put the game away. First play is the controversial option play which nets us negative 3 yards and ohshit our QB gets injured and Lee has to come in. Lee had looked fairly bad today in his few series and everyone in the nation knew the second down ad 13 yd play call would be a straight up run. It was and now we see 3 and 13. Now for the next OMG how did he call that play play. Les lets Lee throw for the first down! Again how do you not punt and put the faith in your defense which is obviously the best in the nation? Well, Lee steps up and completes a pass that would go for 40 yards and the WR would run for like 10 seconds after the catch which may have also been the difference in the game cause giving Bama the ball with 18 seconds left instead of 28 when they only need a FG to send it to OT was huge. So there it is, LSU wins! So many plays and so many heros in this game. Nevis, Jefferson, Lee, Jasper, Ridley, the whole receiving core. Sure I've been bitching about the play calling, personnel decisions and clock management as usual. Hell Ive been bitching about Les since the Tennessee loss in his first season. But dammit if that dude isnt a great recruiter and it games like this that make players want to come to LSU and be a part of the Mad Hatter magic. Hell I will live with the head scratcher calls if we can always put the most talent on the field which always gives us edge in any game. Congratulations Les and the Tigers and the whole Tiger fan nation! Damn I wish I could rub it in to those Bama fans I played poker with last weekend at the IP.