Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Return to the Felt and the Computer

I just walked in to the Love Shack game and got blasted by my only reader. Apparently me talkin about a coupla hands ever now and then and whining about being card dead isnt gonna cut it. I have played a few times in the last few weeks and I played a $350 in Biloxi a few weeks ago but Im not gonna rehash any of it. Mostly I have been outta town visiting my son in Phoenix and having life shit pop up on poker night. I will say that last Friday I hosted a .25/.50 game at my house with just friends and the buyins were around $40 and we managed to get about $700 on the table. Unfortunately I had $400 in the game. I was on full tilt lookin to play big pots. I was down about $240 when I made a hero call with a pocket pair against AK playin it strong cept for a weak turn bet. His river bet was pot sized and I stuck it in. Maybe I fold if Im not stuck and pissed. After that I started big bluffing and then after that started getting my hands paid off. I ended up winning $40.

So I just kamakazied my way outta the $40 tourny. I was down to 4 big blinds and 2 people go all-in so I ask Chris if there were cash seats open to which he says a few so I call with 9,3 suited. If I win Im in it and if I lose Im in a good cash game. I lose and there were no open seats. Fuck me.

So now Im sitting here waiting. I guess I will just whine a little. So Biloxi sucked. Everytime I get pumped for a biggish tournament I get my feelings hurt by the poker gods. I pretty much blinded out of that fucker. I have never been so fucking card dead. I had pocket 10s once and 66 once. I never had any good Ace or King. Endless procession of J4off. I would be up so much this year if I never left Baton Rouge. Everytime I go to Nawlins or Biloxi it costs me half my roll. I never win at poker and if my girl is with me I dump to the slots too.

Congrats to my friend Linsey (who is always winning regular and womens tournaments) for chopping that tourney I played and also to Dave and Frank the night before. Oh and Devin too. 

Sooooo I finally got in the cash game. Actually I got on the must move table where the action usually isnt as good. More often than not the big gamblin cash players dont last too long in the tourney. I bought in for $155 and bulled a coupla pots and pretty much stayed between $180 and $150 for the next 4 hours. I moved to the main game pretty quick. Then foldfest. I got a good laugh around 11:30 when I flopped the nut flush after open limping on the button against the two blinds and checked the flop and turn and then pushed all-in for $160 on the river into a $6 pot. The funny thing was that one of them guys had two pair and really thought about calling. I played a coupla pots where I raised and missed and cbet and won the pot. I somehow got up to $250ish. Then I catch AK suited. Mr. 60% PFR made it $10 and I just wanted to isolate him so I 3bet to $30. I get 4 callers including Mr. Big Bet Bluff, Mr. 60% PFR and Bob who announced he was calling just to piss someone off. So theres $150 in the pot. The flop was A,6,2 two spades. I bet like $130 leaving myself $100 behind. Now what fuckin drugs must one be taking to think I can fold to a raise here. Answer: Mr. Big Bet Bluff. He thinks I have QQ. If I do Im still callin. Well he raises and Bob moves all his chips in. I know Bob is flushing. I have not clue with raiser has but Im callin. Well Im up against JJ and the flush draw. My hand holds up. Hiyoooo. Now Im sitting on $800. The reward for my patience and good spot picking.  I didnt sit on my chips and wons some more hands isolating against spewtard. I had AA twice and won a small pot and split a big one. I flopped top set and got all in vs a flush draw and ran it twice. Of coarse I won the first one. No regrets. I prefer the two run. I do think it hurts a little being known as a guy who runs it twice. It invites draws to play really aggressive against you. They maximize fold equity and split a lotta pots where they are behind. Maybe if I ever get a 50 buyin bankroll I will become a one timer. I guess I wont say what I won but it wasnt too much more than after my big triple up hand. I dont feel like a big winner since I dumped my last two poker sessions. I doubt Im even  in my last 3 sessions. However it didnt suck to book a nice win to get my roll back to health.

BTW Mr. 60% PFR you keep being flabbergasted after playing these pots so strong and getting your all in called by 2nd pair. Of coarse under normal circumstances they should fold but for God sake please consider your table image as a factor. Try having a pair every other time at least.

I want to say congrats to Will the Poker Monkey on his big hit in Biloxi. I read his blog and you should too. Probably you do because he links to me and well its way more likely you wandered in here through his site or maybe the Gulf Coast Poker site where he is featured and I have a little link too. I hope I get to play poker with him one day. Ive really had a good time playing against some big gulf coast names this year when they've come slummin in the $1/$2 games. I feel like I dont care who is sitting or what my seat is. I wanna play higher and better and have been holding my own in all the games Ive palyed lately.