Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Trying a New Casino

Well apparently the Love Shack is moving its game to the Shop. Sucks I didnt get to play a last session there. At least now we can cuss more. I said I was going to try a different casino but I had to give the lovely CAZ one more shot. I played about 5 premium hands for raises and reraises (all made by me) and cbet 4 out of those five. I lost every pot and basically doubled up 3 short stacks with nothing but the cbet. In two dealers I was down $430. Then my baby's momma called me and I had to go give my boy a stern talkin to and do homework with him. Then I went to find the other casino. Theytold me Gila Lakes and I punched the address into the GPS but ended up in the middle of an industrial zone in the desert. Apparently Gila Lakes is 3 casinos and none of them are at the address listed. I got some vague directions from the casino operator and then I asked a nice old couple at the light how to get to I-10 to Tuscon. They werent too sure either but told me which direction they thought it was. I would run into them again in 10 minutes at the casino parking garage. We had a good laugh. Buncha lost tourists we are, looking for the money hole in the desert.

So I made to Wild Horse Pass Casino. I signed up for a players card and they gave me $10 in free slot money. I quit slots but if it aint my money it dont count. I ran their $10 up to a $50 profitand cashed out. I took that as a sign of changing luck. After getting on a list for a 1/2 game with a $2 min bet and $100 max bet I called my girlfriend. As I was talking to her I realized I wasnt on a list but rather an Interest list. I went up to the counter and they actually had immediate seating for the game I came there to play. Its confusing how they present these spread limit games to you but it was still a 1/2 game but the min bet was $5 and the max was $250. So there was no limping in. It plays really nice. I really like that structure. Keeps some of the trash out and also seemed to get people open raising for higher. So $15 seemed to be a standard raise which got action. So my plan would be to play premium hands for big pots given the opening mistake of a 7.5 big blind raise with a wide range of hands. Honestly I dont remember much about the play. I came out $470 up which covered my earlier loss at CAZ. The game was pretty loose passive. So tight agressive should clean up in that game over time assuming that was a typical table.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Bout to Cut Somebody

I been playing long sessions at Casino Arizona. Ive seen some of the worst poker ever. Mostly by the old timers who show up starting at 6am. I've decided that they have to be the luckiest assholes in the world. How else could they play every morning and never quit? They should all lose $500 a session. Im running like Schlep Rock though. I left the casino yesterday morning after basically just losing my shit and cussing out the old donkey that just stacked my AK with his K9 and while I was at it I cussed out the old fuck that decided to play me heads up for a healthy raise with his 8,4 vs my AA. I lost the min against the 8,4 but the money was already committed against Mr. K9 and the idiot who decided to draw at his flush against us both with very little left to go in on the river if he hit. As I watched him stack up $800 and realizing that wouldve brought me back to the middle I wanted to fucking cut the mother fucker. Anyway I took my $97 off the table before I did something to get banned. Earlier that morning I saw a dude who I seriously think was mentally ill or maybe had Assbergers pull $2000 of the table. He called my all-in preflop for $65 with 5,4 offsuit and flopped trip 4s. I saw him drag an $800 pot after calling a big flop bet with nothing to match his K2 of spades which he raised with preflop to 7 times the BB and proceed to runner runner the flush. This fuck couldnt miss. He went all in on every draw and won everytime. When he was putting his chips into his 4 racks he said he usually loses. Ya think? I think I'm going to go try a new casino just to get the bad juju off me. I hear theres a wild 1/2 game with a $5 bring in at a casino closer to my apartment. I will be back in Baton Rouge in a couple weeks and cant wait to see the various crews and splash around at the love shack.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Casino Arizona

Oi vey. Im in Phoenix so I went to the Casino Arizona. Wow. The nicest poker room I've ever been to. The poker room was huge. They had as many table if not more than Harrrahs. I played 2/3 Spread limit with a $300 max bet and max buyin. I dont think you can buy up to the largest stack or half the largest stack which is the only thing I didnt like. There was plenty of weak players and the room was packed. I think this place may extend my poker vacation. See I havent worked in a month. I havent had an alarm set in a month. The longer I can keep that up the better. Im in Phoenix for a good while. I plan to try and make money with my career trade too but I also want to see if I can step my game up to consistently make poker money. That way I can travel home to BR when I want to and wont have to fill out an RFTO form which always makes me feel like a loser. It took me a while to adjust to the new levels and I went card dead too so Im starting out in the hole but I got it together the last 4 hours and made a come back. I also felt really comfortable with my reads which for the most part turned out correct. If I didnt get pissed and chase an extremely expensive flush draw I would be doing ok. Ive probably played 600 hands so far and not one pair of pocket aces yet. Once I get my own place and get a better schedule I will get into more specific hand play. I miss my home crew at the Love Shack. I hope I can play some Love Shack poker soon.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Got Dicked in the Omaha Nutz

I got destroyed Monday night. Mostly my fault. I made a big bet into a multiway raised pot with a open end straight draw. I got reraised allin by a Jack high flush draw. I called. It wasnt a smart call. The Jack high held up. The cash game started as straight Omaha. I did ok. I got up like $400. Once again I broke Bob when he didnt hit any outs. Of course he cant miss forever and later he would double through me. I went to the felt when I flopped the nut flush draw in a raised pot. The flop put out a possible straight and a couple people checked to me and the original raiser was to act behind me. I was hoping he had AA. Nope. He had a big ole pair of 9s with which he poted preflop. So lucky for me he flopped top set and called figuring he was behind. Well once Bob was getting 2 to 1 he called too. I didnt improve and the set of nines held up on a board where its really hard not to have a straight. I have no clue what Bob was drawing to. Probably a worse flush. At some point we had started to play half n half and I think I played every pot if I had any playable hand. I rebought for $400 and was just playing passive fit or fold poker. My last hand I flopped a set and put about $90 in by the time the river made a straight possible and the out of position floater bets $100 into me. I shoulda called but I didnt. I definitely got bluffed. I cashed out immediately. I knew if I stayed I would lose that $300 and maybe another $800 after that. I had planned to play till morning but ended up leaving at 12:30am. Oh well. At least I didnt try a desperate run at recooping my $500 loss. I went home and did some review and reading and had to admit that Im still not playhing optimal omaha and need to study a lot more. If I follow through with that then maybe that ass whipping will end up being profittable. I should have some posts soon from playing in Phoenix AZ. I understand they dont have NL but have a $250 max bet spread limit game. Shouldnt play too different and may actually be better for me because I get too conservative when I get up a lot because I dont want a big stack maniac putting me to an $700 decision.