Sunday, October 31, 2010

Good Trip to the IP in Biloxi

I drove straight to the IP after work Friday.  Seemed kinda dumb to hauling ass to a little short stack turbo tournament. Last time i drove to Biloxi for the $350 i think i got AJ once and that was really exciting. I really figured I would bust out and play cash all night. I didnt have a place to stay but I figured I would get offers to crash if I needed it. I did. Thanks yall even though I stuck to my original plan of playing until sunrise and driving back. I had a good time in the tournament. Started at a very interesting table with two girls who the house had bought seats for. A nice touch putting dead money hot chicks in the game. I started out ok. Won a lot of little pots with bets. Then I raise with KQ and a limper calls out of position. He had a sweet mullet so I shoulda known what was going to happen. I whiffed and cbet and he pushed all in and I was getting the right odds to chase my pair assuming he didnt have a set. He didnt but I missed and was chopped down to half of the 3000 starting chips (thats with the extra 1000 for the $5 dealer toke). More to come shortly...

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Meta Game (metaphysical that is)

Ok no excuses. Whatever. Im in the midst of a bad run. Ive made it worse by playing bad at times too. Inevitable I guess. I play for 4 hours and will be down a buyin and will be lookin to play another buyin to break even. The last time I played I did ok for losing a buyin. Just never had the ATMs at the table give me a big pot. In fact my favorite ATM who I beat in 80% of the pots took a bigger one off me to make up for all the small ones. People like that should never be allowed to have AA. I had AK on a king high ragged flop. FML. Im really starting to believe that my attitude makes my luck. You ever notice how the people who bitch about runnin bad tend to run bad? I think Im that way. Ive experimented with some mystical type stuff like reality creation or karmic manifestations but its so much work. Ive had good results though. Tipping every dealer before they deal has had good results. I bet most people just see it as a leak. I dont have enuff data. Theres this energy level thing done by this Abraham Hicks lady who believes in the Law of Attraction and when I do it I get big pairs a lot. But the reality is that im naturally negative and pesimistic and its too hard to play long sessions and not be your natural self. I think we saw Mike Matusow experimenting with this stuff last time he got in the top 30 of the WSOP. I think he would agree with positive results. Not very logical but whatever. I hope I get to play poker some this weekend. I wish the Belle had a 1/2 game. I think I will play the Sunday morning tournament. Hope to see you there.