Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Down Month

Well hell. I dont want to go into all the poker I have played in the last month. I have felt very good about my game and very bad about poker in general. I have been very comfortable at the table and always feel like Im in the top 2 best players at the table but I havent had a card rush since July and have pretty much just been shit out on constantly. I always feel so lame saying it though. Nobody wants to hear it. They always think its a losers excuse. Sometimes I feel that way too. The last time I played I flopped broadway with Q,10 and got allin against 2 players and lost. The thing that sucks is I raised with Q,10 of clubs and AK smooth called which brought in A7 of hearts who ended up winning the hand. If AK reraises I either fold or play and either win a big pot or give up my $10. But instead he wants to see the flop with a couple more people apparently and we both get screwed. I rebought after going to lunch and calming down and when I came back I played a hand where I bluffed off like $200. I raised and called a 3 bet with pocket 2s against a pretty predictable player. The flop came K high and he only bet out like 40% of the pot after I checked to him. I read it as weak but didnt raise. He made the same bet on the turn and I knew he was scared then. I raised him from $25 to $70. He called. I put him in on the river for his last $80 and he called. He showed Queens. He said he didnt think I had a King because I didnt bet the flop. I guess I polarized my hand to either a set or a bluff by waiting until the turn to raise. I really think he thought he was beat and called anyway. He said screw it cause he was rebuying anyway. I guess I shouldve shoved the turn rather than trying to look like I wanted value. I couldve raised the flop big. I dont know. This hand is bothering me. I dont bluff like that alot and I have played a lot with this guy and he usually lays down to shit like that. Oh well.

Im hoping to make it to Baton Rouge soon and look forward to playing at the Tiger Den.