Saturday, February 26, 2011

Everyones Playin Omaha

I played Sunday night and Monday night. Both games were mostly Omaha. Sunday night I hit the Shop game. I bought in for $240 in PLO $1/$2. I was on life tilt due to relationship stuff. Anyway I sit in the Omaha game and we are 6 handed and the button straddle is on. That shrinks my buyin a bit but I role with it. Because Im on life tilt Im more willing to push the chips around and I think I was playing better Omaha than I had ever played. Of course at the same time Im playing terrible too but aggression even misguided is better than passivity in freakin Omaha. I lost some and bought up. I had $420 in the game and about $280 on the table. Then as luck would have it a guy comes to the game who plays hyper aggressive and he sits on my direct left. Thats a pretty shitty spot to be in but since we all know each other I just take my turn with the worst spot on the table and dont look to move around. Actually there werent any acual seats to move into but if I was at a casino I would insta called for the seat change button. My buddy Matt was on fire and was taking the aggressive players stacks left n right. I bet he was up $2000 in an hour. Fortunately he wasnt running great against me and we kept getting it in and chopping every pot. I eventually went to the felt and rebought for $300. I started running better and the aggressive player eventually calmed down a little. Hand wise I had a couple to report. One, I flopped an outside straight flush/royal flush draw and bet pot. Got a call. The turn is and Ace giving me the nut straight and the check caller open bets the pot. I reraise the pot and we get it all in. He has the nuts too but no flush draw. We ran the river twice. I flushed the first and we quartered the pot. If anyone is reading this I wonder if I should have run it twice trying to win 3/4 of it or should I just freeroll for the whole pot with one card. I guess it doesnt matter over time. My biggest hand of the night I was in the cut off with KK and something else I dont remember but it was probably a 10 and a 9 and probably suited with a K or both. So I have Mr. Aggressive straddling the button and everyone knows he is gonna raise so they are limping to call a pot bet for sure or maybe raise. Im limping to reraise. He raises, everyone calls to me and I pot it. Well unexpectedly I got 3 callers and probably only lost one player. Maybe nobody folded actually. The flop is K high rainbow and the guy who was running real good had lost about half his monster stack at this point but has me well covered opens for a pot sized bet which is more than I actually have so I call. Luckily no one else calls. We had chopped everyone up to that point and I elected to only run it once. I was willing to gamble on the of chance he had a small striaght draw but I was pretty sure he had a set. I kinda got told that most people either run it twice always or never but I told em I didnt really give a fuck. I run it twice when I feel like it. I dont like people thinking Im gonna definitely run it twice because I think they can be more aggressive with me. Well he didnt care because he had two pairs. It was a good bet since the pot was so big and I didnt have that much left. He is unlucky I had the top set really. That pot pretty much brought me back to somewhere around even and thats where I ended up. Phew.

Monday night was steak night at the Love Shack. Man thems good steaks. The tournament was very uneventful for me. I was never up much and got shortstacked and went into allin mode which didnt work out so well when I lost a coin flip against Bob. The cash game started as holdem only. Bought in for $180. I had me a pair of 10s on the button and raised a few limpers to $14 and got 2 calls. The flop was 8 high and I bet. I got called. I put the guy on pocket 7s and was thinking he just wanted to check to see if I had AK. Well the turn is a damn 7. He checks to me and I check behind with the intention of making a crying call. He bet the river and I called. He had flopped top set. I wasnt too happy but I was glad I didnt get too beat up. I got him back later after I had moved to his right and I bet the flop with second pair and the turn with third pair and check called him on the river. I had put him on a draw and when he over bet the river I looked at him and said exasperatedly "You already did this to me once tonight!". However I think he wouldve raised me on the turn since the draw was there unless he had the draw himself. I made a semi-crying call but I was right about the draw and won a nice pot with 3rd pair of 6s I think. At some point had to put another $100 in to buy up.Fuuny how I don't remember the little $20 calls I make that end up felting. I only remember the good hands and the bad beats. Oh well. I don't want to act like I play so good so let's just say I'm sure the hands I don't mention I played like a gimp. At another point we started to play half n half. Mr. Aggressive showed up from Sunday night and as luck would have it he sat on my direct right. I felt very good about that. Also Bob was in the game and he is a big pot builder in PLO. We played about 5 hours. Eventually we just played Omaha. While we were still playing holdem I limped with 7,4 of diamonds and the flop was 777. I check called two streets and led out on the river and got called by a pocket pair. Love them sizzlin 7's. My big hand came when I called the $5 straddle with 7,8,9,10 double suited. The flop was 9,7,4 rainbow. I bet out and got raised by Bob. The call was $160 and I had about $400 left. Bob started trying to bait me into calling. He was saying shit like "I know you. You're not calling." and acting like he was ready to through his cards in and drag it. I knew he wanted me to call or repop it. I couldnt see folding there but I knew he had a set. I was hoping it wasnt the nines cause then my outs were way less. I decided to just call. Bob only runs it once. If he would run iut twice we couldve got it all in there. The 6 hits the turn giving me the nuts and I check. Bob gos allin and I call. I guess I really shouldve led the bet but it was gonna work out the same but maybe he wouldve folded and I wouldnt have had to sweat the river. The board doesnt pair and I pull a pot over $1000. Bob left not so happy. He was already pissed about a hand where he had AA in holdem and couldnt get a caller for $7 measily bucks on the flop is a multi way raised pot. Bob gets his AA paid quite often since you can never put him on em. I pretty much just hovered around that amount for the rest of the night and won $700-ish. Since that was my first day of officially being jobless I thought it was a great start to my poker vacation. Also it was my first day of my new life experiment of having no alarm clocks set. Livin the dream. At least for a month or so.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Omaha is Scary

Ok cut me some slack. Im trying to sell my house that I've neglected for 8 years. I figured I would live there forever so I played poker rather than painting. I guess thats why poker addicts make shitty home owners, husbands, parents, and employees. We neglect everything. I have played a lot of poker since me last post. Ive played the Monday tourney twice since. I chopped top two the week after winning it outright. Then last Monday I got bounced in 12th after get 1 outtered on the river when all the money went in on the flop. It sucked. I called a raiase from the button with AK from the tightest player ever raising early. I couldve folded easily since he had Queens or better for sure. The flop is an Ace and he open shoves. I call. He had KK. 93% of the time he is gonna check fold there. Unfortunately he got his annual wild hair and pushed. He hit the case K in the river. Oh well fuck it. No trifecta for Sofa King.

Ive played 3 cash session since last post. I think Im bout even but I dont really remember. I can only think of about 4 hands that really mattered from all that. I do remember playing poorly overall. Im so stressed about my house that I think I pressed a little to hard. I tend to play loose when Im stressed. At least I think I played agressive rather than passive which is probably why I broke even. I did however play pretty passive in the Omaha game. I hate putting $20 to $40 preflop in Omaha in a 1/2 PLO when Im sitting with $200 even if I have AAKK double suited. The only big hand I won I potted the turn for $100 with the nut straight and got two called who were drawing. I wanted to fold for $40 more on the river when the flush hit. I called anyway. Turns out I faded like 24 outs and won the pot. I think I need to stay away from Omaha unless Im gonna buyh in for at least $700 and be willing and able to make pot sized bluffs ocassionally.